10,000+ SF

Landis Hall is a multifunctional facility for community events. The repurposed space is contemporary and industrial, which makes it a fresh and unique venue for concerts, banquets, recitals, theater, and much more! 

Local organizations have an affordable, high-quality option for their events complete with sound, lights, video, and other amenities.

A Favorite Venue

by LNP

What makes it unique? Who is it for?

Landis Hall is a flexible multi-use space allowing for concerts, theatrical performances, banquets, seminars, movies, graduation ceremonies, exhibits, and more!

This allows for a wide range of smaller to medium size events that were not practical before. A moveable back wall means that the hall can be scaled down so that even the smallest shows and events have a great atmosphere. 

Featuring a fresh contemporary design that utilizes many natural and reclaimed materials, the venue feels warm and inviting! In keeping with that aesthetic, our close neighbors and friends, Clair Bros Audio, have built a one-of-a-kind sound system carved from beautiful Flame Maple and fitted with bespoke copper grills.

A full forty foot wide theatrical stage has a state-of-the-art lighting system designed by Stray Lights. Running the length of the building is our Mezzanine featuring a unique vibe and great view during our concerts and events.



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Pricing varies depending on your specific needs!

Maybe you already know that you need tech, ticketing, tables. Or maybe you don’t even know what you need! Schedule a tour with Phillip, and he can get you a quote.

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