True Girl Pajama Party Tour

True Girl offers the most fun a mom and daughter will ever have growing closer to each other and to Jesus. Formerly known as Secret Keeper Girl.

Founded by Dannah Gresh

At True Girl, we believe it is possible to raise a girl who is confident in her faith and in herself, even in this culture. While moms may feel ill-equipped to navigate their daughters through the pressures of her tween years, studies show that parent-child connectedness is one of the main risk reducers for all the pressures tweens face. That’s right, moms: you are a key player in saving your daughter from all of the hurt that you fear she will face. True Girl makes this connection easy by creating opportunities for moms and daughters to discover deep Biblical truths together, so you’ll grow closer to each other and closer to Jesus. Because once she knows the Truth, it will set her free.

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